Walter Spanny~Papageno


Chilliwack Opera Troupe

Chilliwack Opera Troupe

Walter Spanny was born in Herzogenburg, Austria where he started his early musical education at the age of 4. He learned playing the piano, the violin and the recorder flute, which is his favourite instrument. He was part of a baroque and renaissance ensemble for 6 years.

At the age of 17 his first involvement in an opera production was in the Choir in Monteverdi’s “l’Orfeo”. From this moment on Walter was sure that his profession was to be a performer. He started to dance in the European Ballet Conservatory in St. Pölten. Despite his classical musical background he decided to continue his education for Musical Theatre in Vienna and London.

His first role was Anas in the Rock Opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Italy in 2004. He was also performing in in a German production of “Kiss me Kate” and contiuned to contribute to many concerts and galas.

In 2010 he produced his own solo programme called “Loving Mood” which combined songs from the 20ies to the 40ies, from Cole Porter and various German composers.

Now he returns to his musical home, the classical Opera. Walter deeply admires Emmanuel Schikaneder, the brilliant theatre producer and talented actor-writer who wrote the libretto and played Papageno himself in the original Viennese production conducted by Mozart, and is happy to sing this part in “The Magic Flute”.

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